Glitch Cowboy

by Elroy Love

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released April 1, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Elroy Love in Macon, GA/ Murfreesboro, TN

All songs produced and mastered by Merritt Treaster in Atlanta, GA except "Spit"(Produced by Michael Suhr in Macon, GA)

Thanks friends, family, and all those involved in the big, long process.



all rights reserved


Elroy Love Macon, Georgia

Michael Suhr
John Ewing
Thomas Young

Based out of Nashville, TN

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Track Name: 5 AM (Chin Up Boy)
No more late night nightmare calling
Or sleepy conversations over breakfast and coffee
I'd be dead
Oh darling so dead
Lord up above I'm praying for a vibration
Something to free me from this damn frustration
My head
Just get me out of my head
And it's 5 AM again
I should be sleeping but I'm walking by your place instead
Saying get beat boy
You can't compete boy
I really love that girl
Coming home the only thing that I wanted
But I'm quickly realizing this ain't where I started
I feel I've been mislead
Old strange faces and old strange feelings
I don't know what this is but it ain't relieving
My bed
Just put me back in my bed
And now it's 2 AM again
Lady A she's spinning circle around my head
A smoke shrouded dancer
Dear why won't you answer
Lord just get this hungry boy fed
Now it's 2 AM again
Now it's 5 AM again
A smoke shrouded dancer
Dear why won't you answer
Lord Just get this hungry boy fed
Don't you know that selfish thinking
It don't breed no relations
The way you've been behaving lately
You've been confusing your lady
Chin up boy
Track Name: Fingernails
I don't know if I'm bleeding
Or I just think I am
Lord with all of this confusion
Sure hard to get to bed
And I don't know what these pages say
But you don't even care
I used to let you read my writing
But now I don't give a damn

Twisting the arm of my lady
But we're not dancing
I came back some weeks
Lover you told me again
And I never meant no confusion
I just meant good tender love
We stopped that damn conversation
Child you know what you are

And I
I know what I am
Oh lover tell me again
Tell me one more time
Tell me one more time

Green grass got thinner
And all the leaves did die
Go on and find your bedrooms
Me and my lady
We gonna fly
But we're not flying far away dear
Just a hop and a skip
I hope our brothers find us summer time
We'll show them where we live

And I
I'm gonna stop all of this living
All this living that's bad for me
I'm gonna shoot em dead momma
I'm gonna shoot em dead
You're gonna see
Track Name: Brother
Well I'm drunk on your fold-out bed
Alcohol in my belly, familiar fuzz in my head
And I don't quite feel like myself
Around you or the ones that I call my kin
Brother I am screaming loud
Brother can you cool my hot hot head
Brother don't you want to see your brother go on?
Smoke your smoke, do your joking
Drink your coke
Drink your coca-cola
I'll take a drink and a smoke and a cry
Don't convince me now brother
Let this old dog lie down
I bet you were screaming loud
I screamed loud myself too once or twice
Brother don't you know I want to see you go on?
Ain't it strange but strangely fine
That we both get older with time
Pull the sheets up over my head
I am sleeping on your fold-out bed
There's no need for screaming now
I am sleeping, brother you are sleeping too
Oh dear brother, thank you
Track Name: Fourth of July
Well you shot each other down
on the fourth of July
Now you feel just like a young man should
Young men can fly
Yes you feel so right
But you don't know why
All those years of loving have passed on by

Does it hurt you bad
Does it hurt you to know
She's out on her own my friend
Do you feel alright
Feel right at night
When you're all alone in your bed
You said you wanted this
Do you want this
Yeah you don't want this
No I don't want this

And the romance was gone
Not too long
After you decided to move in
You said that living for two
It really wore down on you
Angry Love
Yeah brother you had had enough

Do you miss her still
Cry out until there is nothing left
Will the alcohol
Will it wash me clean in a river of sin my friend
Go on take this
Baby take it
Go on take it
I'm feeling sick

But living apart
Can truly wear on one's heart
Miles and miles of distance
And each one burns
Friend of mine
You've only got so much time
And she chose to spend her time away from you
Track Name: Snow
Darkness I hear you call my name
I just let you
Let you scream until your voice fell away
Now you're crying
And I like it

Never ever ever gonna change
What you said
Walking out like an old diamond ring
Turned on its head
Be it, go on be
You'll never be it for me

No more sleeping in my house
No more sleeping in my house
In the morning you'll come creeping
Quiet as a mouse
Go on and say it
No more sleeping in my house

Pack your things lover
Walk out
Track Name: Spit
Where can I spit
I'm getting tired of this lord
I'm never alone
Even off the phone
What it is this lord
Looking over my shoulder
Wondering if you're coming around
Don't kiss my neck
Scratch my head
I like that better

I'm always on
Awake at dawn
Short sleeping
Just take with food
Improve your mood
White 20s
Nowhere to turn off
Always gotta pass myself over
Oh that feels strange
I'm turning off my brain
Darling soothe me

As that river of ours rolled on babe
More of me became more about you
That's ok babe
That's half the fun
Two come together
Two make one

And despite all of my bitching and moaning
You still cared for me just the same
What was the matter baby
You must've been insane girl
Oh no
Well you meant what you said
I love you
Track Name: Grass'll Green
My my my, grass'll get greener,
Child child child, have you seen us?
Rubbed so raw a blister formed between us
Ring or no ring, I'd want to love you the same, girl

You know I don't mind waiting
Lord but it sure gets cold
Reach out and soothe me lady
But don't soothe me just for sport
You'd better tell me something

Hot head and shaky hands
Fresh cold air, my familiar friend
I said I love you, you said you don't much care
You say go on move, but sugar, I don't dare

You know I don't mind waiting
But good lord, my whole body's cold
Reach out and soothe me lady
I don't much care if it's just for sport
You sure do look like you want to tell me something